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Title: Raw materials for manufacture of medicament
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Date: 11-02-2010
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A society specialized in the sale of raw materials for the manufacture commands us of chemicals j have the present to point out to to you an actual list of all our products. Possibility of bringing products also not available in the list.

Available list of raw materials:

1. sucraloze

2. acesulfamek

3. aspartam

4. vaniline

5. sodium benzoate

6. sorbitol liquid 70 pr cent

7. sorbitol powder

8. maltodextrine

9. calcium proionate food

10. cmc detergent

11. dextrose mono

12. ethyl vanilin

13. monosodium glutamate

14. mannitol

15. tartaric acid

16. sorbic acid

17. mentha piperita oil

18. lavender oil

19. potassium sorbate

20. sodium cyclamate

21. calcium propionatr feed

22. xyltol

23. xantan gum

24. fructoze

25. maltol

26. menthol crystal

27. paper mint oil

28. sodium trypolyphosphate dense powder

29. vit c

30. sodium bicarbonat