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Guangdong Home of Arts Convergence Co., Ltd.,UK Leading B2B Marketplace
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Company Introduction
Guangdong Home of Arts Convergence Co., Ltd. was established in 1998. Founded by Mr. Liang Song, a senior craftsman, and under the artistic guidance of Mr. Chen Mingliu, one of the world's celebrity painters, it has become China's most professional simulation tree manufacturer. The company focuses on all kinds of artificial trees, artificial flowers, indoor plants, and residential landscape design.

As a professional simulation tree manufacturer, we provides high quality Faux Ficus Tree. Large Ficus Tree is one of our hot products. Although it is only Fake Ficus Tree, it can bring the same green scenery. Artificial Banyan Trees require less maintenance and are always green. Silk Ficus Tree is lush and carefully crafted to replicate the natural beauty. Outdoor Ficus Tree makes the exterior area of the house a natural extension of the interior decoration, helping you create the perfect outdoor living space that is both relaxing and entertaining. Silk Olive Tree is also selling well. Decorate your interior space with this traditional olive tree, making it a classic Mediterranean style. As a symbol of peace, wisdom and abundance, this elegant piece is the perfect choice for any commercial space.

Our company also has Large Palm Trees For Sale. Our company carefully crafted Artificial Coconut Palm Trees to imitate the appearance of palm trees planted in real life and look as close to reality as possible. This Decorative Palm Tree plant will make the most impressive impression. Outdoor Palm Trees can be placed on the beach, swimming pool, plaza, garden, leisure plaza, lobby, just like real plants, allowing you to feel the existence of nature without watering or paying special attention every day.

Large Artificial Blossom Trees are very popular with customers from various countries. Fake Blossom Tree protects you from wilting, fallen leaves, tapeworms, watering and more. Faux Cherry Blossom Tree is finely crafted with realistic trunks and silk flowers. The flower is made of high-quality silk fabric, and the trunk is made of steel structural fiberglass. We have Cherry Blossom Wedding Centerpiece & Artificial Cherry Blossom Trees For Weddings. Silk Cherry Blossom Tree is suitable for decoration of gardens, restaurants, shopping malls, hotels and many other event venues.

Artificial Plant Wall Panels are being adopted by more and more people. Vertical gardens have become increasingly popular in recent years as a way to introduce more greenery into our living space without taking up too much space. But in some places, the climate is harsh and natural vertical gardens are difficult to maintain in this situation. So our Faux Grass Wall overcomes the limitations of natural plants and expands green plants to previously unattainable spaces. Artificial Grass Panels are exquisitely handcrafted, with exquisite finishes, and small and detailed green leaves can present a dense and natural opaque appearance, which is perfect for places that need to be completely covered.

Guangdong Home of Arts Convergence Co., Ltd. has always been committed to providing superior products that exceed customer expectations.
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Company address: 2nd,11 Building,413# Xiahua first Road, Pingsha Village, Baiyun District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, China
Contact person: Guangdong Home of Arts Convergence Co., Ltd.(Guangdong Home of Arts Convergence Co., Ltd.)
Mobile phone: 18819202094
Post code: 510080
Company website: Your Online Shop Link
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Registration time: 08-20-2020
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