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    Title: sugar cane plant including factory
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    Date: 08-04-2010
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    Sugar cane plant incl. factory for production of sugar cane liquor
    30 ha with dwelling and guest houses
    333,000 US $

    Farm is situated in Minas Gerais 90 km from Belo Horizonte and 3 km from the paved through road BR 040 in an undulating landscape.

    The sugar cane plantation of the size of 16 ha produces about 130 tons within the six months harvesting time. New dwelling house, two workers houses, storage shed/warehouse, water flow( no pumping equipment required), natural spring plus rivulet on the property.

    Excellent distillery with an output of 200 ltr per process, comprising ten storage tanks (7,000  ltr each) for the maturing of sugar cane liquor (cachada envelhecida), 50 full casks (200 ltr) of this liquor and 16,000 bottles of schnapps (0.7 ltr each).

    Storage shed, warehouse for bottles, filling station, Toyota diesel generator.

    Tennis court, fruit orchards, barbecue area (churrasqueira), small water reservoir.

    Extra feature: carts with oxen for bringing in the crop.

    The sugar cane harvest is permanently controlled by the National Agricultural University of Vicosa.