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    Title: Country Estate
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    Date: 08-04-2010
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    Exclusive country estate 87 ha with restaurant

    in Barbacena, Minas Gerais,

    1 Million USD

    The property is situated on the BR 040 state road between Belo Horizonte

    (distance 140 km) and Rio de Janeiro (distance 240 km) only 5 km from the town of Barbacena.

    Landscape with level and slightly undulating topography with very good soils,

    old trees, and nice views including a spectacular waterfall.

    The modern and spacious dwelling house amidst a beautiful palm grove

    comprises elegantly decorated  living rooms, 5 suites and 2 additional bedrooms (each with a roofed balcony), various terraces, a winter garden, built-in kitchen, open kitchen, air conditioning, bathrooms, open fireplace etc..

    There is a rustic restaurant in process of being built and almost complete, a festival room next to the garages, and an administration building.

    Self-contained water supply: several springs, nice ponds, water fountains, swimming pool. Fully access to main electricity supply.

    Metal-constructed chicken breeding building,

    well-built stables, pastures for cattle,

    and a large orchard with oranges and other fruit.