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Company Introduction
We are in Japan ,our company name is OSUEI KANKYOSHOJI Co.,LTD

We are buying used PC’s mother board, used mobile phones ,CPU Board to Japan

paying a high price.(used PC mother board or high level board than mother board)

we cannot accept Other electrical board, only PC's CPU , high quality motherboard,

used mobile phones.

We can wonderful recycle the board. In Japan we deal with some well-known plant,

after your board or mobile phones arrived in Japan, we make the flow

about separation ,cutting, shreddering, and send to non-ferrous company.

If your board  is good quality ,we can buy from your company at least 100 ton PC'S

motherboard a month in the stable.

Please give your company details to us if you are wanting to sell to Japan and make Environmentally friendly processing
If your company can provide continuity high quality PC'S motherboard ,I am looking forward to doing business with you in the stable
We have import licensing buying used board and mobile phones in Japan

Our company Address:
Room7-7 2-2Sanadayama-Cho,
Tennoji-Ku,Osaka ,Japan

My mobile phone: 0081-90-60586097
Telephone: 0081-6-6764-5245

Waiting for contacting with us

From Japan PAN
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Location: Osaka·Osaka
Company address: 2-2 Sanadayama-cho Tennoji-ku, Osaka, Osaka, Japan
Contact person: Pan Jizhong(GM)
Mobile phone: 81-6-6764-5245
Post code: 543001
Company website: Your Online Shop Link
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Registration time: 04-14-2010
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