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Plasma Pen
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    Date: 10-09-2019
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     等离子提拉笔  用于去除眼睑的皱纹。它可以分为三种:等离子笔提眼笔,医用等离子笔和喷射等离子笔。医用等离子笔具有颈提,眼睑提拉,痤疮治疗等功能。Jett等离子笔使皮肤产生大量的胶原蛋白紧致和产生。它可以用于各种皮肤治疗,并有助于去除疤痕和妊娠纹。等离子笔眼提拉通过在大气中施加高频,高压来产生等离子。它有效地用于上眼睑,下眼睑,皱纹,疤痕,皮肤,炎症,伤口愈合。它具有两种操作模式:自动模式和手动模式。  

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    Guangzhou Beauty and Health Electronic Co.,Ltd
    Name gn123gn
    Telephone: 86-13533537019
    Location: guangzhou guangdong
    Address: No.13 Xipengling Road, Baiyun District, Guangzhou, China
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