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Optical Biometer Tomey OA-2000 incl. Topography, NEW
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    Specifications: Optical Biometer Tomey OA-2000 incl. Topography, NEW
    Date: 10-07-2019
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    Product details

     Optical Biometer Tomey OA-2000, NEW 

    All Measurements - Just a 
    Touch of the Finger By simply touching the center of the pupil on the monitor, the measurement starts immediately and completely automatically. Reliable Tomey 3D Eye Tracking technology quickly captures all relevant data, even for uncooperative patients. Starting with keratometry, topography, pachymetry, anterior chamber depth and lens thickness, followed by axial length, pupil diameter and white-to-white measurement, the OA-2000 captures the complete refractive properties of the eye's optical system. The IOL-Ray-Tracing calculation using optional Okulix software supports the surgeon perfectly in the choice of premium IOL. 

    Easy to use
    The application of the Tomey OA-2000 is clear, easy and quick to learn. The latest Fourier Domain A-Scan technology makes the system very user-friendly and patient-friendly, as an extremely high number of cataracts are penetrated. All measurements are therefore perfectly delegable due to the minimized error rate. 
    Rare cases of extremely fatal cataracts can be covered by the separately available Tomey AL-4000 handheld ultrasound device, which communicates perfectly with the OA-2000 through Bluetooth connectivity. 

    IOL-ray tracing calculation 

    All measurements in one step 

    Topography - Keratometer 

    Pupil diameter 

    Axial length measurement 


    Anterior chamber depth + Lens thickness

    White-to-white-space Messun 

    optical biometric system 
    axis length 
    anterior chamber depth 
    lens thickness 
    corneal pachymetry 
    corneal topography 
    W to W 
    pupil diameter 
    B-Scan (3mm) 
    IOL calculation formulas (SRK-T, SRK-2, Holladay, 
    Hoffer-Q, HAIGIS, Shammas-PL 
    IOL -Raytracing calculation program 

    1 optical biometer 
    1 dust cover 
    1 power cable 
    1 DATA transfer CD 
    1 of printing paper 
    1 Fix target for biometrics. 
    2 holder for chin rest paper 
    1 chin rest paper 
    2 spare fuses 
    1 Instruction Manual

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