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M140T Ethernet Remote Module supports protocol Modbus TCP
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    Date: 01-23-2018
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    Brief Introduction


    Name:Modbus TCP Ethernet Remote IO Module (8DI+8DO+RJ45+RS485)


     *The M140T Ethernet Remote I/O Module is an industrial class, isolated designed, high reliability, high stability and high precision data acquisition module, embedded 32-Bit High Performance Microprocessor MCU, Integrated 1 Industrial 10/100M adaptive Ethernet module inside. It provides multi I/O, supports standard Modbus TCP, can be intergraded into SCADA, OPC server, and other automation systems. It is design for working in the harsh industrial application environment, widely used in a variety of industrial automation, security monitoring system, automatically measurement and control system.


     *The M140T Ethernet Remote I/O module provides a RS485 interface, through the RS485 bus, it can cascade Modbus RTU I/O devices or Modbus RTU meters, e.g.: a variety of digital input or digital outputs, analog inputs or outputs, thermal resistance IO module combination, save costs. At the same time, the Ethernet Remote I/O module has register mapping function, the cascade Modbus RTU I/O data are automatically collected to the mapping memory area, the Modbus TCP Client query without waiting then can get a quick response to meet the industrial timely requirements.

       *The M140T Ethernet Remote I/O module provides 8 optical-isolated digital inputs, supports max. 10MHz high speed pulse counter, 8 digital outputs, supports 10Hz~300Khz high speed pulse output or relay outputs. All of the I/O with high sampling frequency and special filtering strategy to ensure it’s reliable

    Item Photos

     MxxxT Series Ethernet Remote IO Extend IO Diagram

    Main Features

    1.Embedded 32-Bit High Performance Microprocessor MCU, inbuilt watchdog;

    2.Power supply 12~36VDC with over voltage and phase-reversal protection;

    3. Embedded Web server for configuration and management;

    4.Integrated 10/100M adaptive Ethernet module, supports Modbus TCP protocol;

    5.8 optical isolated digital input, supports max. 10Mhz high speed pulse counter;

    6. 8 digital output or relay output, supports 10Hz~300KHz high speed pulse output;

    7. High sampling frequency and special filtering strategy to ensure reliability;

    8.1 RS485 Serial port, supports Modbus RTU/ASCII Master, can extend I/O modules;

    9. Supports register mapping function and extend I/O inquiry strategy;

    10. Provides 1 channel 12~36VDC power source output for external device, saving wiring cost;

    11.LED instructions work status, with reset button to reset, easy on-site installation and commissioning;

    12. Using metal shell, protection class IP30. Metal shell and system security isolation, especially suitable for industrial applications in the field;

    13. Small size, L105 * W88 * H30mm, compatible wall installation and DIN35mm industrial rail installation.


    More Information

    Download User Manual, App, PC configurator please visit

    For Industrial IoT Solutions:                           For Home Security Alarms:


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