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Power cable & Building house wire - PVC/XLPE/Armored/Shield/LSHF
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    Brand: RMJT
    Specifications: PVC/XLPE/Armored/Shield/LSHF
    Date: 02-27-2017
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    Product details

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    #Company Profile#
    + More than 15 years experience in cable industry
    > Start manufacturing conductor, cable and wires since 1997, Group company founded at 2007.
    + China based Top rank conductor and cable manufacturer 
    > Register capital 100,000,000 CNY (Approx 15 million USD), and Total Property values 350,000,000 CNY (Approx 53 million USD). Current 30 productions lines is full operating with comprehensive inspection QC system.
    + Quality guaranteed - BV, ISO, OHSAS, CCC Approved Manufacturer
    >BV, ISO, OHSAS, CCC certificate acquired. Brand of our own RMJT® are awarded "Famous Brand in China", "Quality-inspection-free products", "China high quality products" which were approved by competent state authorities.
    + Technology & capacity can support your business.
    >we are the R&D center of conductor, cable and wires products defined by states government departments and authorities. More than 90 product patents and technology patents certificate issued by State Patent Bureau and Patent numbers increasing by 10 every year.
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    #Company Advantage#
    + Competitive Price
    + Quality Guarantee
    + Flexible Payment Terms
    + OEM & ODM Available
    + Free Sample
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    #Products Line#
    + Bare conductor for HV/UHV DC/AC power transmission application
    1. AAC - All Aluminum Conductor
    2. AAAC - All Aluminum Alloy Conductor
    3. ACSR - Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced
    4. ACSR/AW -  Aluminum Conductor Aluminum-Cald Steel Reinforced
    5. ACAR - Aluminum Conductor Alloy Reinforced 
    6. ACSS - Aluminum Conductor Steel Supported
    7. ACSS/AW - Aluminum Conductor Aluminum-Cald Steel Supported
    8. ACS - Aluminum Clad Steel Wire/Strand
    9. CCS - Copper Clad Steel Wire/Strand 
    10. CCA - Copper Clad Aluminum Wire/Strand 
    11. GSW - Galvanized Steel Wire/Strand
    + Aerial Bundled Cable / Overhead Insulated Cable for low voltage power transmission projects.
    1. Covered Line Wire
    2. Aerial Bundled Cable (ABC cable) (1-33kV)
    3. Service Drop - Duplex, Triplex, Quadruplex
    + Power cable & Building house wire - PVC/XLPE/Armored/Shield/LSHF
    1. PVC or XLPE Insulated Power Cable (1kV -36kV).
    2. Armored Cable
    3. Medium Voltage TR-XLPE URD Cable
    4. Fire Resistant Cable
    5. Low Smoke Halogen Free Cable
    6. PVC Insulated Electric Wire./ Flexible Wire./ Flat Wire
    7. Building Wire with AS/NZS, BS, DIN, VDE standards.
    8. THHN, THWN, THW, TW
    9. Control Cable
    10. Concentric Cable
    11. Welding Cable
    12. Rubber Sheathed Cable
    13. Cable& Conductor Accessories
    14. Cable Making Machine and Materials
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    #Contact us to get instant support and fast response.#
    Nick Zeng
    Products & Sales Manager
    Phone: +86-371-55632836
    Mobile +86-15824882581
    WeChat: +86-15824882581
    Whatsapp: +8615824882581
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    Seller information
    RMJT® Cable - People's Cable Group Co., Ltd.
    Name Nick
    Telephone: +86-371-55632836
    Fax: +86-371-55632837
    Location: Zhengzhou Henan
    Address: #1203 Building 4 East International Plaza No.85 Jinshui Road