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Lechal Smart Navigation and Fitness Tracking Insoles and Buckles
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    Brand: Lechal
    Specifications: GPS Navigation, Fitness Tracking, Hands Free Navigation
    Date: 12-14-2016
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    Product details

    Have you ever thought of a shoes that will show you the way to your destination? Just feed your destination on your shoes and it will help you to reach your destination.

    An Indian start-up is promising to do the same in real life with some new, GPS-enabled smart shoe insoles “Lechal” that vibrates to give the wearer directions.

    These insoles will also count the number of steps taken, distance travelled and calories burned. Lechal’s smart insoles can be trimmed to fit any shoe making them unisex and very practical. They contain the Lechal pod, which is the connected device also used in their line of shoes. The pod come with a detachable Bluetooth transceiver that links to a smartphone app to direct the wearer using Google maps, sending a vibrating signal to indicate a left or right turn.

    These smart insole interacts with your smartphone giving you endless possibilities at your feet, you can set your destination and receive vibratory feedback showing you the way to go, set fitness goals, keep track of your steps and calories burnt, create workouts and track your activity. You can even get automatic notifications of landmarks around you, and an alert letting you know when you´ve left your phone behind.


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    Ducere Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
    Name Ravinder
    Telephone: +91-40-27713000
    Location: Telanagana Hyderabad
    Address: 222B Sain Marina Houes, West Marredpally