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PVC Fireproof Power Cable
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Date: 09-11-2016
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Product details

Taiyuan Shangshang Cable Sales Co.,Ltd Among those core online pvc fireproof power cable suppliers, Taiyuan Shangshang Cable Sales Co.,Ltd is a voltage supply pvc fireproof power cable provider and manufacturer, welcome to buy our best pvc fireproof power cable on the Internet or check the price with our factory and company.PVC fireproof power cableApplicationsThe product is used under 0.6/1KV, and can work properly for certain period of time even in the fire. It is mainly used in high buildings, subways, nuclear stations as well as safety devices, such as emergency power supply, fire-fighting equipment, fire alarming lights, elevator power lines.The cable will not burn even in the fire.Working features1.long-time allowable working temperature is 70℃  Laid-up temperature is not more than 0℃2.Fire-proof  Subject to burning test under GB/12666.6(Equivalent to IEC331)  Class A(flame temp.950-10000℃, and lasting 90 min)  Class B(flame temp.750-8000℃, and lasting 90 min)3.Flame-retardant features  Subject to burning test under GB/T 18380.3-A(equivalent to IEC332-3)  Class A(burning body 7L/m, lasting 40 min.)  Class B(burning body 3.5L/m,lasting 40 min.)  Class C(burning body 1.5L/m,lasting 20 min.)4.Bending RadiusBending radius for single core cable:20(D+d)±5%,Bending radius for multi-core cable:15(D+d) ±5%D: cable sample outer diameter(mm); d: conductor diameter(mm)Model and NameModelName NH-VVPVC insulation and sheath fire-proof power cableNH-YJVXLPE insulation PVC sheath fire-proof power cableNH-VV22PVC insulation and sheath with armoring fire-proof power cableNH-YJV22XLPE insulation and sheath with armoring fire-proof power cableModelCore No.Conductor  section(mm2)NH-VV  NH-YJV11.5-30010-185NH-VV22NH-VV NH-YJV21.5-185NH-VV22 NH-YJV224-185NH-VV NH-YJV31.5-2402.5-240NH-VV22 NH-YJV22NH-VV NH-YJV42.5-2402.5-150NH-VV22 NH-YJV22NH-VV NH-YJV3+14-2404-240NH-VV22 NH-YJV22NH-VV NH-YJV52.5-1202.5-120NH-VV22 NH-YJV22

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Taiyuan Shangshang Cable Sales Co.,Ltd
Name Grace
Telephone: 86-029-89193460-0
Fax: 86-029-89193460-0
Location: Taiyuan Shanxi
Address: No, 401,Unit3,Building 2,District B, No.109 (Kaiyuan District),West Xutan Street, Xiaodian District, Taiyuan,China