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Product detail
Real Sex Doll Japan Style
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  • Price: 50.00 Piece(s)
    Trade type: Large Wholesale
    Description : Real Sex Doll Japan Style
    Brand: Real Sex Doll Japan
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    Product detail

    Japenese Inflatable sex love doll,very popular
    The best in the world economy-type male inflatable doll

     •Products Accessories:1.Pump 2.pussy&ass 3.Vibrating sounder
    •Japan's special material, feel good
    •This world, whether it is the elderly, children, women, rich, poor, or a beggar, they have a lonely when you agree with me.Innocent early adolescent girls, narrow vaginal.Let her accompany you to the dawn
    •*The lingerie is not included

    Body specifications:

     1. Height: 165cm.

    2. Medical Grade Silicone

    3. Bust: 90cm 

    4.Waist: 58cm

     5. Hips: 78cm

     6.Shoe size: 22.5~24cm (U.S. size 6.5~8 inch)

     7. Real voice when it's use, human temperature inside Vagina

     8. Vibrating Vagina

    [Function & Describtion]
    The genital made of 100% virtual skin material.Environmentally friendly, non-toxic, all substance correspond with the EU ROHS non-toxic certification requirements.Very soft and realistic, close to the woman's vagina, toughness is more superior.
    Face high imitation makeup techniques, eye 3D-eyes stereo eye technology, beautiful Asian face, more in line with oriental aesthetic.
    Made of  special materials, non-toxic odor-free, durable, can withstand 300 pounds of pressure, allowing you to enjoy the thrill of freewheeling.
    This good applies to elderly man with sexual function abate or long-term living without an regular and good habbit, couple separated in two places, man with a strong sexuality, and divorced or single man, especially recommended to those successful man who pursuit of high quality life experience.

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