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Product detail
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  • Price: 150.00 Piece(s)
    Trade type: Large Wholesale
    Description : Commercial Treadmill
    Brand: Commercial Treadmill
    Freight fee: Buyer affords freight fee

    Product detail

     Specifications 1)Commercial Treadmill 

    2)with good quanlity and reasonable price
    Commercial Treadmill
    AC Variable Frequency Adjustable Speed Luxury Commercial Motorized Treadmill
    Product Description 
    l Horse power: continuous 4.0HP.  Max power: 6.0HP
    l Motor : AC motor, Variable frequency adjustable speed 
    l With heart rate control speed function
    l Speed scope: 1.6-20km/h
    l Incline degree: 0-15%
    l With 7 direct speed key select and 8 direct incline key select
    l With multi-audio source switch system and high-fidelity sound box
    l With 3 kinds of manual compilation programs and 8 different kinds of fixed speed programs to select 
    l With 5 different incline programs to select
    l With hand pulse function
    l With heart rate control speed function
    l Available belt size: 610 x 3740 x 4.5mm
    l Occupancy area: 2460 x 1000 x 1550mm
    l Packing size: 2600 x 1110 x 790mm
    l G.W./N.W.: 310kg/240kg
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