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    Specifications: WET SALTED
    Date: 07-20-2016
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    Product details

     Wet Salted Donkey Hides

    *Product Specification :*

    Machine flayed
    No grubs, no ticks, no holes
    No tails, no heads
    Short shanks
    Color: 80% black and white, 20% brown
    Weight: min. 28 kgs
    Average weight: 33 kgs
    Selection: 80% A, 20% B
    1 x 20 ft. container = 700 hides approx

    Hand Flayed
    No head, no tail, short shanks
    90% male, 10% female
    Humps: approx 10%
    Brands: approx 10%
    Weight: 18 to 33 kgs
    Average weight: 25 kgs
    1 x 20 ft container = 900 hides

    Hand flayed, trimmed
    Some brandmarks, 2 to 3 holes in bellies and prime areas, 70% small humps
    Weight: 18 to 24 kgs
    Average weight: 20 kgs
    Average size: 38 sq.ft.
    1 x 20ft container = 900 to 950 hides approx.

    Machine flayed
    No hump, no brands, no grubs, no ticks, trimmed
    Simmental, Angus and Hereford breeds
    Weight: 31 to 40 kgs
    Average weight: approx. 35 kgs
    Thickness: min. 4.5 mm
    Selection: 80% A, 20% B
    One x 20ft container = approx. 600 hides
    Availability: 30 containers


    - 100 % Pure Donkey Hides. No horse hides, mule hides or hides from other animals
    - No defective hides with mildew, shedding, rot, worm eating, fattiness or other objections.
    - No foal hides and hides fragment (Head, leg and other remnants).
    - No visible rosette-shaped fragmentation.
    - Quality Standard Salt.
    - Arsenic: <1 / 1,000,000

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    Mega leather
    Name Martinez
    Telephone: +254774470903
    Location: industrial area Nairobi
    Address: 214 Mombasa road