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GSM 3G M2M RTU Control alarm with Modbus TCP/UDP
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    Specifications: 4 Relay outputs, 5A/30VDC,5A/250VAC;
    Date: 11-25-2015
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    Product details

     The GSM 3G M2M RTU is a multi I/O port remote terminal unit, through the RS232/485 port can connect intelligent meters or PLC. It is special for BTS monitoring, remote data acquisition, telemetrically, BTS access control and other applications. It supports voice communication, SMS, GPRS, 3G communications.


    The GSM 3G M2M RTU can be used as remote access control; the authorized users can open the gate or turn on the machine with a free charge call at specified time.


    The GSM 3G M2M RTU supports Modbus TCP, TCP/UDP protocol, transparent data transmission over GPRS/3G, performs as Modbus Master or Modbus Slave. The RS232, RS485 can be used as transparent data transmission of PLC or intelligent meters.



    1.      ARM® Cortex™-M4 32 Bit RISC Core, 168 MHz inside, RTOS system;

    2.      Widely Rated voltage range, 9~36VDC, Inbuilt large capacity rechargeable backup battery;

    3.      2G SD card for save historical data, USB port for configuration and upgrade firmware;

    4.      6 analog inputs, 12bits, supports 0-5V, 0-20mA, 4-20mA;

    5.      4 Relay outputs, 5A/30VDC,5A/250VAC;

    6.      8 digital inputs, dry contact or level input. One of the input can be used as counter;

    7.      1 temperature probe input, 1 humidity transducer input;

    8.      I/O ports with opto-isolated, RS232/485 with 15KV ESD protection;

    9.      2 IP data centers, supports Modbus TCP,TCP/IP protocol over GPRS/3G network;

    10.   RS232/485 can be used as data transparent transmission for different intelligent meters or PLC;

    11.   Automatically resend the data while communication failure, GPRS failure will alert by SMS text;

    12.   Supports remotely restart the RTU, and configure it by SMS commands remotely;

    13.   Supports over voltage protection and phase-reversal protection;

    14.   10 SMS Alert and auto dial numbers, can program to receive specified alarm message.

    15.   10 access control authorized numbers, can open the BTS door or turn on/off machine with a free charge call at the specified time.



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