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GSM 3G Community Alarm for Commercial Building, Street and Residential Area
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    Brand: KingPigeon
    Specifications: Quad-Band 850/900/1800/1900MHz
    Date: 11-25-2015
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    Product details


    The K8 GSM 3G Community Alarm is an innovation security solution for community, commercial building, Commercial Street, and Residential areas. If anyone panel occurs alarm then will notify neighbors immediately. This is very useful for SoS help and fire alarm.

    The neighbors can choose what alarm to receive from neighbors’ panel, and also can forward to its neighbors.



    1)             GSM Quad-Band 850/900/1800/1900MHz enable K8 works great in worldwide. 3G is optional;

    2)             Can notify neighbors while alarm occurrence immediately or receive specified alarm notifications from neighbors.

    3)             99 zones for security intrusion alarm, elderly care, SOS help, 7*24 hours safety applications.

    4)             10 different zone types and zone name editable.

    5)             Multiple status optional: Stay, Away, Bypass, Schedule Arm/Disarm.

    6)             User friendly menu with 10 languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Italian, Indonesian, Czech, Danish, Bahasa, Chinese. Vietnamese,etc.

    7)             Visible information on big LCD screen, easy setting and operation by touch keypad.

    8)             Two way voice communications, regular phone call as hand set supported.

    9)             2 wireless switch channel for remote control & door access (*works with WS1, WS2).

    10)          Just simply dial in to the K9, change the status to Arm / Stay / Disarm by missed call, or create voice conversation automatically.

    11)          Monitoring zone for take care of elderly daily life activities.

    12)          Temperature monitoring alarm.

    13)          Wireless sensors battery low power alarm.

    14)          Backup rechargeable battery inside, AC power lost alert.

    15)          Audible alarm inside, support wireless siren too.

    16)          Ademco Contact ID protocol over GPRS data supported.

    17)          Fashion design of sleek panel with a classic elegant piano finish.

    18)          Easy DIY--Smart phone APP on Google Play for configuration & operation.

    19)          Up to 999 event logs for record alarm, call in or out, etc. 


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