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CX-3015 Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 2000w fiber laser cutting machine
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    Brand: SuperStar
    Specifications: CX-T Series
    Date: 01-14-2022
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    Product details

    CX-3015 Fiber Laser Cutting Machine   2000w fiber laser cutting machine     china fiber laser cutting machine


    CX-3015 Fiber laser cutting machine is a new hot selling fiber cutting machine. It adopts a professional laser cutting control system, which is quick and easy to operate; our high-speed, high-quality intelligent process and professional methods make the processed products more professional and more practical.


    Advantages of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

    1. Leading structural design:1.1 Professional mechanical design of the bed, reasonable structure to ensure stable operation during the high-speed operation, the importer transmission component, higher degree of bite, precision, can ensure the precision of the machined parts during high-speed processing. 1.2 Precision deep processing, quenching treatment, stress relief, guarantee the stability of the bed, prolong the service life of the bed, 20 years without deformation, gantry five-sided milling finishing to ensure assembly and installation Accuracy;

    2. Energy saving and environmental protection: 2.1Professional circuit design can save power by 10% compared with the same industry; 2.2.,Can be connected with dust removal and environmental protection equipment to achieve zero emissions of harmful substances;

    2.3, No noise during processing, protect the environment and human health

    3. High material utilization rate: 3.1.High conversion efficiency, less processing waste, no dust pollution, less gas consumption, 3.2. Intelligent cutting and nesting software, which can automatically typeset and save material and processing time.




     SuperStar laser cutting machine

    Machine Type



    Laser power


    Work area(mm)

    3000mm ×1500mm


    Maximum acceleration


    Maximum moving speed


    Positioning accuracy


    Repeated positioning accuracy


    Driving System

    Servo Motor

    Control System

    Cypcut system

    Square Rail

    Taiwan 25/30


    YYC 1.25

    Laser Head


    Cooling System

    Water Chiller

    Auxiliary Gas



    Applicable Industry of 2000w fiber laser cutting machine

    Sheet Metal Manufacturing, Machinery Manufacturing, Hardware Processing, Garden Ironwork, lamp Decoration, Automobile Manufacturing, Aerospace, Shipbuilding, Heavy Industry and so on.



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