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hexe ethyl ndpep l strong powde 99.8% purity China supplier factory lowest cost
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Date: 11-06-2019
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Product details


Other Names:n-ethyl-hexedrone, ethyl-hexedrone, NEH

Cas Number:18410-62-3

Molecular Formula:C14H21NO

Molar Mass:219.33 g/mol


Purity of the substance:99.9%

Physical properties:crystals and powder

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Among high quality chems we offer hexen for sale. Hexen research chemical is one from high quality chemicals you can find in our store. N ethyl hexedrone is also called hex en drug (hex drug). Hex en research chemical is a fantastic stimulant. Hex en rc could be purchased in the form of white powder and crystallized shards. Hexen story starts in 2011 and you can read hexen Wiki page to know more about hexen drug.

Light hexadrone dosage is up to 100 mg. Hexedrone must be used carefully. Hexen chemical leads to euphoria and stimulation. Hexen rc overdose leads to negative side effects. Choose ethyl hexedrone buy option and your experiment will be successful like in many ethyl hexedrone reviews. We offer to buy hexen with fast shipping. One more advantage is that we offer the most affordable prices when you want to buy ethyl hexedrone.


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